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About me

About me

A few words about me

Innovative solutions
for creative projects

Normal already exists,

To stand out from others is a challenge for me.
As a crowd puller, we have been surprising visitors to city festivals, weekly and Christmas markets since 1994 with our unusual ideas and the special look of our shops:

  • "Soup pot" instead of field kitchen
  • "Mulled wine distillery" instead of mulled wine pot
  • "Europe's largest mobile bratwurst" instead of a swivel grill
  • "Cart" instead of a tent for an alchemist
  • Originally designed Christmas markets instead of uniformity ;-)

You can find detailed information under "About me".



What am I actually doing? Here is a brief overview. All information can be found under the menu item "Services".

Table tops

  • Conception
  • Design
  • Realization

Table tops for indoor and outdoor use


  • Catering
  • Markets
  • Festivals

The largest mobile bratwurst stand in Europe, if not in the world.

Wooden huts

  • Planning
  • Manufacturing
  • Facility

Sales stalls, huts of all kinds


  • Design
  • Production
  • Put up

Sophisticated furniture with a feel-good guarantee


  • Stairs
  • Interior decoration
  • etc.

Woodwork, roof shingles, stud frames

and much more

  • Car electrics
  • Welding work
  • GFK

there is nothing we cannot do



What can I do?

  • Tischlern
  • Construction / planning
  • Electrical, water and gas installations, including vehicle electrics
  • Metal construction (welding, galvanizing, lasers, beam cutting)
  • Woodwork, also joinery-like joinery
  • and much, much more

Short CV

Fa. Toralf Braun

1994 - until now

Forward thinker, innovator, patent holder and doer

Implementation of countless projects, our slogan: "Normal already exists" has been part of our independent work for almost 30 years.
As an originally trained restaurateur, the entire job description changed as a result of the fall of the Wall in 1989. After a few years as a retailer, we have found our focus in travel catering and already 20 years ago we established our first own special sales stand: "The largest soup pot far and wide".
Later, our own dispensing system for mulled wine was patented and the Christmas market division was established as a participant and organizer. All sales outlets come from our own production. Initially with a lot of additional work from other companies and since 2012 almost entirely from our own workshop.
Since our ideas always fall out of the norm, the step to our own workshop has become necessary and has proven itself to this day.

As an autodidact for many years, I am now able to implement original ideas for customers.

All over

1981 - 1994

Gastronom, trader, hobbyist

A very long story, at some point I'll write a book about it ;-)

© Toralf Braun

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